Problem using other characters then latin1 (cp819) in custom JMSProperties (MQAdapter 6.5)

Hi all,

We are experiencing a problem when we use swedish characters in our custom JMSProperties (in the usr folder) via the webMethods MQAdapter. Please see problem description below. Does anyone here know of a solution to this?

A. Use case:
We need to filter messages on custom JMSProperites in the “usr” folder. Our properties may contain other characters then in the once one might find in code page 819, example “å”,“ä”,“ö”" that is used in the swedish language.

B. Problem:
Any use of swedish characters “å”,“ä”" or “ö” in custom JMSProperties will give the following error in server.log:
[953][0] pathName=/JMSProperties/usr errorCode=VV-005 errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist
[952]List of errors:
[951][ISS.0153.9009] Unable to send message to webMethods Messaging alias IS_UM_CONNECTION: [ISS.0098.9007] Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type Test.listeners:not_testPublishDocument errors: INVALID

The message is also not received by any listener listening to that document type

C. What we have tried:

  • Set queue manager to CCSID(1208) (“å”(=hex(c3 a5)),“ä”(=hex(c3 a4)) and “ö”(=hex(c3 b6)) are all part of code page 1208)
  • Set webMethods MQAdapter connection to CCSID(1208)
  • Updated to latest version of webMethods MQAdaper 6.5 fix 42

D. What works:

  • Using characters from code page 819 (latin1) in the custom JMSProperties displays no errors and message is received by all listeners listening on that document type. Filter on these custom properties also works as intended

E. Versions:
IS Fix versions: IS_9.9_SPM_Fix1, IS_9.9_SPM_Fix2, IS_9.9_Core_Fix23
MQAdapter: 6.5
MQAdapter Fix versions: MQS_6.5_Fix32, MQS_6.5_Fix33, MQS_6.5_Fix35, MQS_6.5_Fix42


Niklas Ottosson
University of Gothenburg

JMS adapter may not support it.
pls open a ticket with SAG.

For anyone still having problems with this: MQS_6.5_Fix44 solves the problem. It was a multibyte character problem on the adapter side.


Niklas Ottosson