EntireX encoding problem java/windows to natural/host

Hi folks,

we are having trouble with CodePage usage while accessing a natural application on OS/390 from a java client on windows. EntireX Communicator is running on OS/390 (as well as natural and adabas) and we switched on CONVERSATION in the Broker/Natural RPC server to get special characters like {} and so on transfered correctly. On Java-side we use the method useCodePage(true) in the rpc stub classes. Our System-property “file.enconding” of our JVM was default “cp1252” (US locale). In this case we do not even get the german umlaute correctly, so we changed the JVM Default to ISO8859_1.

But if we use this CodePage in Java we always get the Broker Error “00030005 Partner finished the conversation” !!

And what to do now ??? Any hint ???

Please help asap, we have production date end of the month.

Many thanks
Dirk Holbeck :frowning:

Hi Dirk,

I don’t think that it is necessary to use CONVERSION in your scenario. Simple TRANSLATION should be sufficient. You just need a different translation table which translates correctly your EBCDIC variant.

Please contact your regional support, they should be able to help you.

Kind regards,

Rolf Bahlke
Software AG Research and Development.