EntireX - Character conversion

Natural module makes a call to a client interface object (stub), which calls EntireX service (using XML RPC server), which in turn invokes a SOA composite.
The connectivity works. The problem I have is that when I pass a Pipe Character (||) from my natural module, entireX changes it to öö .
(Similarly, !! gets modified to ÜÜ) . Business wants the Pipe Character preserved.
I wanted to know if entireX uses a specific conversion standard ? or is there any way I can send the Pipe Character without it being transformed in the output that is received.

I am relatively new in this area. Will appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Is EntireX running on the mainframe as well ?

Hi Wolfgang,

The EntireX Broker run as a Job in Mainframe. However, the XML RPC Server runs as a service on Windows.

Just asking because it may make a difference when it comes to changing the conversion routines.

Anyway, there are two options, CONVERSION and TRANSLATION.

An introduction to the concepts can be found here

Hth, best regards


Interesting… thanks for helping point us in the right direction, Wolfgang. We are in the midst of a data center move and I haven’t had time to research this for Gautam, so this will hopefully point me to the answer more quickly.

Updates to follow.