XML file processing without XMLtool kit

Can we process XML file from web through Entire X without using XML toolkit in Natural M/F env.?
How does the XML data get converted to Natural PDA data and vice versa without parse/serialize operation?



Hi Ven,

when the ExtireX XML (or Web service) is deployed in a WS-stack runtime outside the mainframe (which is typically the case) then the conversion of XML to RPC (Natural PDA) does not happen on the M/F.

Regards, Dietmar

BTW: Which version of EntireX are yoy refering to?

If you are using EntireX and the wrappers, the conversion from XML to CALLNAT parameter values is done by the wrapper and RPC server. Using EntireX RPC technology, you don’t have to deal with XML parsing at all.

If you want to use Natural to access a web service (e.g. SOAP), then the Natural program just does a CALLNAT to an EntireX XML RPC Server. If you want an outside application to call a Natural subprogram as a web service, you need the EntireX XML/SOAP Listener that does the web service call to RPC translation, calling your Natural subprogram.

In either case, you do not have to deal with parsing XML from your Natural program/subprogram.

The Natural XML Toolkit and PARSE statement comes in to play if you are reading files with XML or are using the REQUEST DOCUMENT statement to call web services. If you can use EntireX, I urge you to do so as it transfers the tedious work of managing and parsing XML documents to the generated wrapper code.

Thank you Doug for clearing my doubt, it really helped me to understand the process.

Thank you Dietmar for helping me out.