creating a web service

Hi Everyone,

I do not know if this is the correct place to ask but I need to know the how to create a web service.

Now the system runs on VMS on an IBM mainframe but there is no EntireX.
I have written service using entireX and C# using WCF.

I have been told there a way to by pass entire-x using remote calls and C programs.

Does anyone how to go about this?
What must be configured, how must the Natural and C programs look like (Examples if possible).

Anyone information or pointing in the right correction will be helpfull.

Thank you,

Posting to 4 different places is a touch annoying.

Can you explain what you are attempting to do, what is where, what versions you are using?

For example: “Natural 6.3 RPC Server runs on Open VMS 8.3 and I need to call it from C#.Net (Visual Studio 2008 on Windows). I have EntireX 9.6 Broker running on a Windows 2008 Server”

If you just want to expose Natural subprograms as web services, you can use the XML RPC Servlet to exposure your Natural RPC services (subprograms) as web services, which can be consumed by Java or C# or whatever.

If you just want to be able to call Natural services (subprograms) from C#, you can use the EntireX RPC .Net Wrapper.

If your OS is “Open VMS”, only the Broker stubs are supported, but Natural RPC can use them (Open VMS is not classed as a mainframe OS by Software AG, so perhaps your OS is something else).

Hi Douglas,

Sorry for taking so long to reply and the many post. I wanted to see if other people has used anything else besides entireX.

To answer your questions.
We are on natural and I was mistaken the os is Z/Os version 02.01.00.

On a previous site I have used entireX with C# services. How ever the current site does not have entireX and thus are looking for an alternative as EntireX comes with a hefty price tag.

tem possibilidade de usar core 2.2 consumir serviço
Natural applications

According to the EntireX Prerequsites (see

Any .NET Framework supporting .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) version 4 is supported.

I do think that EntireX is the proper solution for you, but if this not an option (nevermind the reason) - you might consider using Natural Request Document statment and PARSE statment to comunicate with external XML and Soap components.
See the Natural documention on that