Using Entirex

Actually applications are using a software called Rumba to connect ASP application with Natural/Adabas application. This application has about five years and now I have to construct a new version using .NET with EntireX.

Rumba works writing and reading data in mainframe screen and the documentaion I read about EntireX show a different way to access mainframe application.

If I understand correctly I have to install a RPC Natural and create a .NET application to access this RPC. I’m right ? In Natural I have to develop code or only install RPC. How can I call a Natural program ?

I already serach for a course in Brazil and can’t find. Can you helpme ?

Hi Marcelo,
Yes you need to

  1. Install an RPC-server on the MF and attach that to the EntireX broker
  2. Install on your local windowsmachine Visual Studio and the .NET stuff
  3. Install the EntireX SDK

From the EntireX Workbench (Eclipsebased) you can access the RPC-server and through that look at all subprograms available from the server.
You can the selecet the ones you want to access, extract the parameter-areas to an “IDL” file and then generate a .NET class that has methods corresponding to all the Natural Subprograms you selected.

As soon as you have all the componenents installed and configured: “Life is relly easy !!!”

Have a look in the documentation for installation stuff.