How to invoke PC applications by Mainframe via COMPLETE ?


Appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Our current Setup is where Mainframe is the Server ( Adabas/Natural on z/OS ) is been invoked by requests from PC applications (Client) via EntireX Broker/Natural RPC.

Now we have a requirement where we need to send information from Mainframe ( Client ) to the PC-based applications (Server) through COMPLETE accessing EntireX Broker/Natural RPC.

Is there a mechanism under COMPLETE where a Natural Subprogram can send information to the PC-side application via EntireX Broker/Natural RPC ?

Please see attached diagram from more understanding.


Mainframe Setup for Web Application.pdf (364 KB)

The documentation covers two scenarios for you, including the calling Integration Server scenario. See

From the Natural side, calling either IS RPC services or .Net RPC services is the same setup. See “RPC Server for .Net” for more information on setting up you .Net RPC Server.

Thanks Douglas for the info. Will go through the attached links.