Retrieve PC level client info through CICS

Hello Forum,

does anyone know how to obtain information from a client at the PC level by using Natural and EntireX?

Basically, my Agency pc users open an Extra Session to access a mainframe application through CICS.

I would like the ability to possibly retrieve IP address, MAC Address, and User ID from the LAN.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hi LaJuan,

would you please clarify how you would like to see this implemented? There are several possible scenarios:
1) Java or .NET RPC Server program (on Windows) returns this information when called from Natural (on mainframe)
2) Java or .NET RPC Client Program (on Windows) that sends this information to Natural Server program (on mainframe).
3) Natural client or server program (on Windows) that returns this information to Natural program (on Mainframe)

I’m sure there are many more ways to do this, but this should give you an idea what I’m looking for.


Thanks Theo.

Our environment uses CICS, Natural/ADABAS on Z/OS. I?m working on an integration project that will allow a user to request on-demand letter printing to any network printer. Ultimately, I need our mainframe application to open a MS Word template on the requesting client?s PC and then populate mail merge variables with data from ADABAS on the mainframe.

After reading more of the EntireX documentation I was thinking that we could use a stub program and VBA to pass information between our mainframe application and the MS Word template.

I read somewhere that a stub program is not required when using a Natural RPC Server. However, I?m not sure if an intermediary would be required when passing information to and from a client when using Natural and VBA.

You mentioned using a Natural client on Windows. Can that also be considered a stub program? Since I?m rusty on my JAVA, I would like to know more about your suggestion of using Natural.



Hi LaJuan,

it appears that this thread is connected to the Trigger Remote Process thread that you started.

Shall we continue this discussion in just one of the these threads?