Triggger remote process with Natural RPC Server

Using EntireX can a mainframe Natural RPC server be used to trigger a process on a Windows client?

The goal is to remotely initialize a VBA macro or DCOM Wrapper on a PC client.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

The usual problem with this question is to know what identifies the Windows client that the process is to run on. An RPC server is a function that responds to a request - it does not typically initiate a request. Thus, if a Windows client requests a mainframe RPC server to perform a function, it is usually asking the mainframe service for information (eg for data from Adabas).

A mainframe Natural user might request some information from a Windows server (where a Java RPC server or a Natural RPC server might run, accessing Oracle, Adabas or whatever).

Neither of these “typical” scenarios seems to fit the brief question you have posed, so please elaborate on your application and what you are trying to achieve. At a guess, I would expect that you would need to use the EntireX ACI protocol rather than the RPC protocol…

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Software AG, Inc

Hi LaJuan,

We have done this type of thing before (even if just as a Proof of Concept). Before exploring the details of how this can be done, I would like to know a bit more about the potential interaction between the Windows processes (MS Word, RPC Servers, RPC Clients) and the mainframe processes.

1) Would the clients already have an established connection to the maiframe (via 3270 connection)?
2) Might the clients already have issued any RPC Requests agains the mainframe RPC Servers?
3) How many potential Client machines (Computers) would make use of this new process, which you plan to create?
4) Would these users always use the same machine (and ip address) or would they connect from different machines (or potentially use different ip addresses)
5) Would you be prepared to implement and manage a software foot print on every client machine?


Thanks Douglas and Theo,

by any chance are either of you familiar with the printing project that Robert Pimenta is working on?

I can send you more information directly if that’s okay.


Hi LaJuan,

I don’t have any information regarding the printing project. So yes, it would help if you could send me more information. You could also contact your local AE or SE and ask them to forward the information to me, so that we can follow-up.