Calling natural RPC sever from Natural


I have two broke kernels running on different MVS machines. I am only allowed to have Natural RPC servers executing all the time (no ACI). I would like to call the one machine’s rpc server from the other machine’s Natural.
I’ve tried using the (call ‘broker’) statement, but I suspect my etb API definition is incorrect.

Any suggestions?


Exx ver 7.1.1
Natural 4.1

When you are calling a Natural RPC server from Natural, you would simply issue a CALLNAT for the remote subprogram, you don’t need to do any ACI (call ‘broker’) programming.

You need to configure your client Natural with RPC parameters (RPC=(AUTO=ON,MAXBUFF=30,RPCSIZE=96,etc) and use SYSRPC (or DFS parameter) to identify the remote subprogram, library, server and node (Broker). Once configured you can use the CALLNAT as Wolfgang mentions.