RPC calls interaction

Is there anyone who knows how to interact with the server programatically using a program or subprogram?
I’ve genetated the stub(which generated natcltgs) and added the node to the service directory and I can execute server command.
What I really need now is to get going and get the server to do it’s intended tasks.

If anyone can please help, will be much appreciated.


First of all you should state what the client platform / environment / language will be.

Please refer to:
page 7 provides an overview picture.

I am running Natural, RPC 6.1.1,
EntireX Broker stub v7.2.1.15 on z/os 1.4 and the language will be Natural.

If NATURAL on z/OS is the client, the starting point is:


Page 17ff, “Setting Up a Natural Client”