Calling a Natural RPC from Python program


We work in an environment where a lot of the important data is in Adabas. Today, we access this data calling Natural programs, using RPC. We call this RPCs from Java applications, using Software AGs’ methods.

We now have some programs written in python. We would like to call Natural programs using RPC, the same way we do in Java.

I’ve found some ways to access the Adabas data through adapya, but that’s not really what we want.

Does someone know what library we should study to call Natural RPCs from Python?

Thank you very much

You can expose your Natural subprogram as a REST service and call it from Python.

So I would need another application in the middle just for exposing as REST?
Thats actually not good…

There is no need to write an application manually. See the following TECHniques article how EntireX can expose a Natural subprogram.

TECHniques - issue 4, 2018

You do not need to write another application. You can use the Software AG Designer to generate the REST interface with a single click.