How can Natural read data residing on SQL Server?

We’re running Natural / Adabas on an IBM mainframe.


One option is to use EntireX Communicator RPC services. Write a procedure in your favorite Windows programming language and use the EntireX RPC Server to expose that as a service (.Net - VB or C# would be a logical choice to call SQL Server).

On the Natural side, use SYSRPC (or DFS=) to define the RPC server’s location. Your application program will use the CALLNAT statement to call the RPC server.

Another option is to make the SQL Server data available to HTTP request (eg as a web service) and use Natural REQUEST DOCUMENT statement to obtain the data.

I prefer the EntireX RPC approach at present since it makes the Natural program simpler - the EntireX wrappers take care of all of the XML parsing that you will have to do using the PARSE XML statement if you go with the HTTP/REQUEST DOCUMENT approach.