Natural on z/os write data to SQL Server db on Windows?

We have a lot of mainfame report programs that we want to modify to direct their output to a MS SQL Server 2000 database. The idea is that our web apps can dynamically build reports for users. The data displayed on the reports is manipulated and not pulled direct from ADABAS so the SQL gateway would not help us.
Natural 4.21
EntireX 7.2

Current tentative design is to write reports to sequential DS and FTP them. I am hoping we can take advantage of the XML toolkit in some manner…


Hi Raymond,
One of the real cool features of nat4 and exx72 is the ability to transfer (a) dynamic variables using the RPC-technology.
This could be used to put a XML string or a full CSV file into one dynamic variable and transfer that to the .NET or COM client on the MSSQL side.
One call one report !!!
But mind… you will of course have to set up some large buffers in EXX to make room for this !

BTW just found out that the product SuperNatural (NSN) also has the ability to generate a report i the RPC context. So if you have that already …