Natural on Mainframe and Oracle Database


may i know if it’s possible to initiate DML (select/insert/update/delete) into Oracle database directly from Natural (4.2.1) in Mainframe?

is yes, please share how you managed to achieve it.



Today there is no possibility to access Oracle on mainframes with Natural on mainframes. However a new product was created named:
:arrow: Natural SQL Gateway
to access SQL databases running on Windows or Unix server from Natural mainframes.

hi michael,

thanks for the info. i went ahead and researched on Natural SQL Gateway. please correct me if i’m wrong. Natural SQL Gateway currently only works for IBM’s DB2 UDB, not Oracle.

i got this information from here:

i think one of the options, if not the only option available, is to call a broker that then calls a java program. the java program will be tasked to select/insert/update/delete records in the Oracle Database.

my next question would be, has anyone ever tried this before? may i have some sample codes to try?



There are samples within the EntireX Communicator examples directory. I would suggest using an EntireX RPC Java RPC Server and use the CALLNAT interface from Natural to call the services that the EntireX Java RPC Server exposes.