using Network to replicate data on SQL Server


I have to use an ADABAS DB with a .Net/Java application for a customer. Access will be Read/Write, batch and transactionnal.
Usually, what is the recommended way to do this ?

In our case, the only available component seems to be NetWork.
Is it possible to use NetWork to replicate needed datas from Adabas to a SQL Server database ?
Is it possible to have “almost realtime” synchronisation between both database ?

Net-Work doesn’t offer the functionality you need. It is merely middleware allowing connection to Adabas.

I believe you have three options:
. Use the ODBC component of Entire Connection to have a Natural program read data from Adabas and send it to the target.
. Use EntireX to support Remote Procedure Calls to Natural.
. Use Adabas Replication for real-time synchronization.

You can also use Adabas SQL Gateway to provide direct access to the Adabas database via SQL calls via ODBC or JDBC, giving you live, real-time access, no replication necessary.