The database migration


Are there any ways to move or converting the ADABASE database to another database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

I guess you mean automated ways.
There is a SAG product Adabas replication.
It is an out of the box solution to replicate Adabas files directly to SQL type databases.
The target adapter (part of Adabas replication for Adabas on the mainframe) supports many SQL databases like Oracle, MSSQL.
It will automatically create subtables if you have repeating (MU) fields or periodic groups in Adabas files.
There is a different replication product for Adabas on Unix.

Rainer Herrmann

Thanks, Rainer!

Sorry for the probably stupid questions, but I just started using ADABAS.

Where I can download this utility?
Or it is a part of ADABAS? Then how I can run it?


Sorry, but Adabas Replication is an add-on product to Adabas.
You need a license for that.

Rainer Herrmann

Other products exist in this space by other vendors as well. We’ve been using tRelational/DPS by Treehouse Software since 1999 and it’s been working great! We just recently bought the DPSync near-real-time component and plan to use it in production soon.