Keeping Oracle and Adabas in Sync

I have a client that wants to migrate their data from Adabas on a mainframe to Oracle on a Windows Platform. They want to decommission an application written in COBOL on the mainframe and create a new web based application that will work with the Oracle database. We have designed to ETL to get the data out of Adabas and into Oracle.

The client now wants to keep the Oracle DB and the Adabase DB in sync for several months so that they have confidence that if they want to go back to using the mainframe systems they can and all the data is in sync. What is the best way to do that? Is there a bolt on for Adabas and Oracle that will keep both in sync?

The other issue is that the client only has a production Adabas and no development or test environment so we cannot break it during development thought please?


check out Adabas Replication (“Event Replicator for Adabas on the Mainframe”) - it is built to replicate Adabas data to RDBMS’.

see for more info.

But in this scenario, Oracle is the source and Adabas is the target. With Replicator, Adabas is the source and Oracle the target.

Thanks for the comments the event replicator would be idea for replicating Adabas to Oracle but as has been pointed out we need to do it the other way around. Replicate what has been changed in Oracle and sync it with Adabas in an automated way.

There is the option to log changes in Oracle and re-key in Adabas but that’s not very elegant. It would lead to errors and if many days have past since the cut over it would be a lot of work.

Then you need programs on the Adabas side to receive the change logs and apply them to the Adabas data.

Another option is to use EntireX - Oracle triggered procedures can act as RPC clients to push the data over to EntireX RPC Servers which will then apply the updates to Adabas. EntireX approach would be helpful if the applications need to be in sync close to real time.

Hi Peter,
for replicating Oracle changes to Adabas the Adabas SQL gateway in combination with CONNX Datasync could be worth to consider.