ADABAS als Linked Table in ORACLE

In an ORACLE-Server-Application (written in PL/SQL) on a 9i-Server running on Sun we want to access some Tables of our ADABAS-Database.

The ADABAS (Ver 7.4) is installed on MVS/zOS.

:idea: We plan to install the “Adabas SQL Gateway” on our zOS. In our ORACLE-Server 9i we want to create a DBLink to some of the ADABAS-Tables, so that we can “use” them in out Server-Application.

Is there anybody, who has some experiance with that ?
Does SoftwareAG has some ideas about how this could work (if it works)?

Best regards.

I would also take a look at Adabas Event Replication which would enable you to copy data in real time from your Adabas nucleus over to Oracle.

Hi !
We only want to write INTO Adabas-DB from our Oracle-Programms (PL/SQL). There is no need to get data FROM Adabas.

As I unterstand the “Adabas Event Replication”, it only replicates FROM Adabas TO Oracle - that’s the wrong way in our context.

In the product-decription there is no hint about linking Adabas-DB into Oracle-Server. Do you have any experiance ?