Access to ADABAS via ODBC

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My question: is there any chance to access ADABAS files directly on the mainframe via ODBC from any Win/Unix server?

Please note:our system environment is archaic, ADABAS is on level 6.2.2, Entire Network on 5.6.1 and we are not able to change this environment.
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I too have a similar query so an answer to this post will also help me. I hope some one from Software AG responds soon.

I am interested in finding out if an Adabas 7.x database running on Zos, can be access from a Windows & Linux user stations via odbc or unified odbc? Or does one have to purchase the Adabas SQL Gateway to be able to do this? Are there any other open source alternative out there?

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ODBC access to Adabas is via the SQL Gateway (ACE 6.x) if ACE is supported on your platform, and it’s not available on BS2K. We will be offering ODBC via the SOA Gateway in 3Q2007, but again maybe not on BS2K unless you can get some of your BS2K sites to request the “Gateways” are ported to BS2K. I need FIVE of you to say your willing to TRY, not even buy, just TRY the Gateways (SQL and SOA). So talk to your friends and move from the 20th to the 21st century ;=)