Third-Party ODBC connectivity

What has to be in place so that a third-party application can run SQL queries and updates through an ODBC connection to an ADABAS backend?

You need the ADABAS SQL Gateway add-on to open Adabas to SQL processing. There are also third party providers who also claim to provide this functionality.

Natively, Adabas does not support SQL in order to keep it as the fastest DBMS on the planet. Obviously the need is there to support SQL, however. ADABAS SQL Gateway supports ANSI standard SQL.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Brian. I do have a few further clarifying questions.

My preference would be to keep everything Software AG. The third-party software doesn’t care what the back-end database is, as long as it’s an ODBC compliant data source to pull and push to.

(1) Is the SQL Gateway add-on the only component that I would need to enable ODBC connectivity for read and write capability to the DBMS? (I certainly hope so)

(2) Is there any documentation (demo/paper) available from Software AG on connecting to ADABAS through the SQL Gateway via ODBC?

(3) Is this functionality (SQL Gateway) available in any way with the ADABAS community edition (free download) which I could use for testing?

I certainly appreciate your response. It seems that this subject (ODBC Integration) would generate a popular interest for discussion.


Check out the documentation at under Adabas.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, Adabas SQL Gateway will open your Adabas C database to update DML as well as inquiry DML if you so choose.

  2. As Douglas mentioned, you can find the documentation at .

  3. As for the community edition of Adabas, I know the capabilities are limited, so I cannot answer your question. Best would be to discuss with your Software AG sales rep about engaging in some kind of trial or proof of concept.

For more information, please check out the product info page at: