ODBC access to Adabas


We want to use QlikView (a BI tool) to connect to an Adabas database. QlikView can make use of standard ODBC / OLE DB drivers to connect to multiple databases (MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc.). We would like to use the same approach (ODBC / OLE DB) to connect to the Adabas database.

Currently, I have the following information:

  • IBM z-series (z10)
  • z/VM (as virtualization basis)
  • z/VSE (Release 4.3)
  • ADABAS/NATURAL environment , incl. ADABAS database

My questions:

  • Is Adabas SQL Gateway the only / preferred way to connect via ODBC / OLE DB to an ADABAS database?
  • Whenever I search for Adabas SQL Gateway I end with CONNX. Is CONNX the same as Adabas SQL Gateway or an addon or something completely else?
  • Are trial licences available in order to test whether die BI tool can handle the ODBC / OLE DB driver(s)?
  • Installing the components on mainframe & client: is 1 day a realistic time frame?

Your input is very much appreciated!


Hi Marc,

  • yes, the SQL Gateway is the way to go.
  • the Adabas SQL Gateway is based on Connx technology
  • please contact the Software AG office next to you for a trial license

The SQL Gateway actually is a three-tier architecture

client - JDBC+Metadata Server (running on a Windows or *IX box) - “Data” server.

So when you install the SQL Gateway yourself probably estimate more than a day.

Best regards,


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Hi Wolfgang

Passt :wink: I’ll contact Software AG for the licences.

Sorry for the following basic questions, but I’m completely new to Adabas and mainframe…

We are used to install QlikView (the BI tool) on a dedicated server. Then we usually just install the appropriate odbc driver on the very same server and connect to the database. That’s it.

  • Do you know whether SQL Gateway is just “plug and play” (install - configure - run) or is there much more involved?
  • Using SQL Gateway: Do you know whether or not additional hardware is involved?

The install and configuration will be handled by a DBA or an external provider. However, I now go through the pdf files with regard to CONNX (Installation guide, reference guide, etc.) to find out more.

Thanks, Marc


There’s one additional step, the SQL Gateway has it’s own metadata repository,
like an SQL database catalog, because Adabas, for historical reasons, knows
every field (= SQL column) by a 2 character “short name” only, so this needs
to be mapped to meaningful names. These can be imported from Natural, though,
but i’s still an extra step to be taken into consideration when planning the setup.

You’ll most likely install the ODBC driver, the JDBC server and the data dictionary server
on the QlikView server, the “data server” will sit next to the database on VSE, so no,
no additional hardware required if you are happy with this setup.

Hth, best regards


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Hi Wolfang

Perfect - your information will help a lot, thanks!


With SO going open source to OpenOffice, the furure of the Adabas format is uncertain, because … If you want ODBC access to an SQL database,