Java access to ADABAS

Hi All,

What are the best ( cost effective , performant, easiest , dependable) ways to access data maintained in a ADABAS 7.4.4 DB ( zOS) from a Java application .


The Adabas SOA Gateway provides direct, performant, … access to Adabas data from Java, with zero client footprint.

Any questions - please don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

The SOA Gateway has its own forum here

Thank you Wolfgang. Quick follow-up … how about the SQL gateway, is that an good option if one requires transactional access to an ADABAS DB ?

Another question … is the SOA gateway WS-BP compliant ?


Both gateways support transactional access, in different ways.

For the SQL Gateway you’d use JDBC, a transaction is started implicitely, COMMIT/ROLLBACK will be honored to explicitely end the transaction.

The SOA Gateway allows you to define transaction boundaries explicitely on both ends (start of tx, commit/rollback)


Let me explain why I suggested the SOA Gateway initially, although both gateways provide Java connectivity:

There are architectural differences, for the SQL Gateway you’ll need

  • JDBC client
  • JDBC server, Data Dictionary server, License server on an ‘OpenSystems’ platform
  • SQL gateway server on z/OS

for the SOA Gateway, otoh, you’ll just use

  • any SOAP interface libraries of your choice
  • the SOA Gateway server on z/OS

You’d be talking HTTP over the wire for the SOA Gateway, which easily allows you to talk over firewalls, use SSL etc.