Accessing ADABAS from JAva


I am working legacy migration project which involves migrating business logic written in COBOL to Java. The existing COBOL program interacts with ADABAS thru C program. Now we are trying to bring that section of code to java so that ADABAS can be accessed from JAVA itself.

I have gone thru few articles related to how to connect to ADABAS from JAVA one of the option is using ADABAS SQL Gateway. Can someone please answer below questions?

  1. Is it available by default in ADABAS Package?If it is available by default in ADABAS package how to check if it is installed?
  2. If not what is the procedure to get it installed? Do I need separate license/ purchase ?
  3. Please provide pointer related to how to install and use it from Java.

I would be grateful to you if i can get answer to all the queries


I believe all the options involve separately-purchased products & licenses.

  • Adabas SQL Gateway (via JDBC)
  • Adabas SOA Gateway
  • Adabas Client for Java

Product documentation, accessible from these forums, contain overviews of the functionality and installation procedures.

It seems my client having CONNX(Adabas SQL Gateway). Is there any manual / programming tutorials on how to use SQL gateway from java to connect to ADABAS