Unable to find ADABAS JDBC driver

We are trying to make connection to an ADABAS-D database from java.
But we are unable to find a driver for that. Earlier this database is accessed from MainFrames. As migration part, we are trying to connect using sql gateway.
adabasd.jar has the required driver. But im unable to find the download location.

Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to accomplish, and how this connects to the SQL gateway?

We are trying to make ADABAS D database connection from java. I’m not sure if sql gateway is required for it.
But adabasd.jar has the required jdbc driver(de.sag.jdbc.adabasd.ADriver).
But we are unable to locate this jar anywhere on the net.

Is there a download location for the jar or it comes with the licensed database edition?


The SQL Gateway is not required to access ADABAS-D, and this forum is for the SQL Gateway. I’m sorry I don’t know the download location for the adabas-D jdbc driver.

Please refer to the following TechForum entry for further information:

Community Forum Index » Other Adabas Related Products » Adabas D


Thanks Richard!!

But the link dont have enough information about the directory.
It is specified $Dbroot/lib …
The adabas D community edition which i downloaded dont have that directory. The ADABAS-D forum is also locked,so that i cannot post a new topic there.

Please let me know the right forum to post my question or it’s great if you have some other link that answers my question.

Information from Adabas D: To use Adabas D JDBC driver, the Adabas D client should be installed.

adabasd.jar is placed in the $DBROOT/lib directory.

Thanks stephen!! Is that a licensed product or i can download it on net.

And do you have the url from where i can download the client…

we used to have this download page but as Adabas D is a product that is in so called maintenance mode we decided to remove the download option.
If someone wants to use it he could contact a local sales representative and ask for a copy without license key. This is the functionality that was covered in the download.