New in Adabas

i am from Brazil and i new to use Adabas.

I download and install Adabas Community 6.3.0 for Windows 7.

In DBA Workbench i create a new database.
But i don´t create new table/file with fields.

The Adabas Community don´t do this? Only use the database created in instalation?

Sorry my questions and my english, i need help to start. I already read books and PDF, but i still need help.


There are two scripts to load the demo database in



Can i see what’s inside EMPLOYEES for example?

does not describe the EMPLOYEES
I want to see the data base lines.

If you do not have Natural, Adabas SOA Gateway, Adabas SQL Gateway or any means
like this to access Adabas then there are sample C and VB programs to access the demo
files in


I have Windows 7 and adabas community last version.

So Adabas Community do not have any software like MySQL Workbench (MYSQL) or Query EnterAnalyzer/Enterprise Manager (MS SQL SERVER) ?

I need download NaturalONE or Natural for Windows ? to do this read data from Adabas. (What do you suggests ?)

I don´t know none yet.
I know COBOL.

The softwares Adabas SOA Gateway and Adabas SQL Gateway do not free, i don´t do download.

The Adabas DBA Workbench is an administration tool,
but it won’t give you any means of issuing queries.

For a starter I’d suggest Natural for Windows.
As a COBOL programmer I think you should be able to
get into the language fairly quickly.

There is no free / community version of the SQL Gateway, afaik,
but there is one of the SOA Gateway.

Thanks for all.
I will download Natural for Windows to access data from Adabas.

I already knew that natural is like cobol.

Natural for Windows is “Natural Community Edition” in web site, right?

I’d assume so as there is a “Natural Community Edition” and a “NaturalONE” in the evaluation
download section.

A while ago the “Natural Community Edition” download actually redirected to NaturalONE,
but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Adabas can be accessed by PHP? Cobol? Always by ODBC?

Adabas can be accessed from COBOL, but for ODBC access the Adabas SQL Gateway is required,
for access from PHP either the Adabas SQL Gateway or the Adabas SOA Gateway.

what kind of access the cobol uses if not for odbc?

I am Cobol programmer (Windows/Linux/HPUX).
but i dont use with adabas yet.

Any ODBC access requires the Adabas SQL Gateway.

To call Adabas from 3GL languages there’s the “direct call interface

in mainframe there is a ADABAS WORKBENCH or the like

to work with the manipulation of databases and files ?

Adabas Online System
Adabas Manager

I read the documentation and there are the commands N1 and N2 to add record to files Adabas.

But I did not understand if I can use.

You have said that to add record to files only by Natural.

They are used N1/N2 on other operating systems only? (I use Windows 7).

This is what I mentioned as the direct call interface above, which is usable on any platform.

In the Adabas documentation there are some examples of Adabas direct calls in Cobol:

You may find some more example code in the “Adabas Code Samples” section of this forum:

“This is what I mentioned as the direct call interface above, which is usable on any platform.”

I did not understand. Can I use the N1/N2 adabas windows?

Hi Marbod

i know COBOL.

But now i see Natural/Adabas without COBOL.