How to use ADABAS

Hello, everyone! Can you tell me if it is possible to use ADABAS without knowledge of NATURAL language?

Yes, there are several options to access Adabas without Natural, depending on the platform your client application is on and what platform your Adabas database is on (mainframe, Linux, Windows…).

Adabas Client for Java enables Java applications to access Adabas data. Adabas REST client enables REST web service calls to access Adabas data. Adabas SQL Gateway enables SQL access to Adabas data using any JDBC/ODBC client.

Adabas Direct Calls can be coded in many language tools (C, COBOL, Java, Assembler, PL/1, etc). See the Adabas documentation and community Knowledge Base for additional details (try “direct calls Adabas” search).

In addition, adapya (Adabas API for Python) is available from GitHub - see the Tech Forums Developer Centre (ADAPYA in GitHub).

I used to work with natural 2.2 ,is this version availiable in a home edition?

No, what’s available as a community edition for download here is version 9, but you won’t have any problems getting into it with past experience from v2.2.

I assume you’ve been working on a mainframe based green-screen Natural 2.2, the community edition runs on Windows and comes with an Eclipse based IDE, so that’s something to become familiar with, but tutorials will help you with that.

Yes. Basic communication can be done with what is called “ADABAS DIRECT CALLs”. These can typically be embedded in another language program like COBOL…

Also there are addon products that allow you to code SQL DML that is translated into direct calls.

Many thanks for your reply!