How ADA SQL is used for ADABAS access? Is it better to use ADA SQL instead of NATURAL?

This is no “either / or”, these are different options for different purposes.

NATURAL is a 4GL development and runtime system, available on many platforms.

There are two “Adabas SQLs”:

Adabas native SQL is a SQL precompiler which translates SQL syntax to Adabas calls.

Adabas SQL Gateway provides ODBC, JDBC etc. interfaces to Adabas.

The newest addition to the family is the Adabas SOA Gateway which provides SOAP access to Adabas.

So, depending on the task at hand, there’s always a solution :wink:

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We have a lot of batch cobol with ADABAS direct calls. I am looking at replacing them with SQL. Will I need this SQL Gateway to allow me to do that ?
Thanks, Claire


no, Adabas Native SQL is what you need for this.

If you have access to ServLine24 you will find the documentation here: