How to retrieve data from an adabas database sitting on the mainframe

We have a mainframe that is running natural and adabas, we would like to build an API that talks to the mainframe to read/write data from/to the mainframe.

That mainly depends on where you want to grab data from and what client technology you intend to use.

You can access Adabas data “directly” via ODBC or JDBC via the Adabas SQL Gateway or use NATURAL RPC technology to build a data access layer on the mainframe and expose it via EntireX, for example.

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Do you have any suggestions on where I might learn how to do this? With the technologies you mentioned?

Or if there’s already entireX how do I communicate with it directly… for instance consuming the entireX service on the mainframe?

There are many ways to do this but probably in your case the simplest way is to:

  1. Write a NATURAL subprogram that accesses the data you need and passes it as parameters;
  2. Install or use NATURAL RPC server to expose the subprogram to EntireX clients;
  3. Use EntireX Workbench to generate the IDL and then the object interface for what ever client technology you want to use. e.g. JAVA, “.NET”, XML, …

At the top of the forum page, the links “Products” > “Adabas and Natural” > “Integrations” (Mainframe Integration) will lead you to some technical articles and training that may help you.

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