How to setup EntireX Workbench to generate IDL and read data from an entireX broker web services

How to setup EntireX Workbench to generate IDL and read data from an entireX broker web services

I have naturalONE but I do not know how to setup in order to be able to access mainframe data with an entireX broker already in place.

I am just trying to consume data from a web service already created in the mainframe. I am clueless may somebody assist

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Start here: Integration Scenarios Overview
Check out “Connecting Natural” > “Calling from your Natural Client Applications”. Follow the scenario that matches what you are trying to do (likely one of calling SOAP Web Service or calling REST web service).

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out again.

Thank you for your response, the like you gave me assumes that I already have entireX installed on my windows machine where I am running naturalOne but I do not have entireX installed
it looks like I need to install it first but unfortunately I do not know where to get it and how to install it.

Please assist

A part of EntireX is usually installed with NaturalONE. Please check with your installation’s administrator for more details in case they have modified the install. A developer EntireX install requires a license.

How can I get the part of entireX that you say is usually installed with naturalONE?

From NaturalONE, can you go to the Windows menu > Perspectives > Open Perspective. If you see EntireX in the list, click on it.
2023-01-20 10_57_34-ugcsna-win-02_2560x1600 - - Remote Desktop Connection

Otherwise, select Other… and scroll through the list to see if EntireX is there:
2023-01-20 11_00_23-ugcsna-win-02_2560x1600 - - Remote Desktop Connection

If you do have EntireX in your perspectives, then it is already installed - just open the EntireX perspective.

If not: are you working with a community edition of NaturalONE or a licensed edition?

I am working with a community edition of NaturalOne

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