Hi, I am a new in EntireX

Dear All

I am very new in EntireX communicator. We just installed today to use EntireX to communicate with MS Visual Studio .Net based application. Our mainframe DBA told me that they setup EntireX in the VSE environment. now I need to install in the Windows Server 2003 environment. Is there any body who can give me some quick wins in installing the entireX and communicate with natural objects - while we are waiting to get training from Software AG.



It is better you aks for a training but anyhow…

Ask you DBA to setup a natural rpc server. It should register as a name in the EntireX broker. something like RPC/SRV1/CALLNAT. Ask them to setup the natural environment so that SYSRPC,SYSIDL,SYSEXT,SYSLIBS are defined steplibs. How to that that is depending on the fact if you have natural security or not.

Install EntireX on your destop. Simple setup, but make that you are aligned with the security concept of the entireX broker which I assume is installed on the VSE. Problably without security. So, do not install with security on your desktop to be aligned with the security on the broker.

As you can see, many things are conditional.

After installation you will find bach a tool called natural IDl generator.
This tools allows you to generate interface definition of you natural subprograms. This application is itself using entireX to go to the MF to scan your natural sources (or objects, there is a flag for it in the options). So the tool will, not work if you do not have a Natural RPC server registered in the broker with the correct setup as explained.

With the tool you can browse through the natural application libraries, select one and browse through the natural subprogram (only for these interface generation is possible). select 1 or more subprogram and right click to generate the interfaces. If you can get up to here without error, then you click on the EntireX workbench (available from IDL generator) and there you choose the button to generate .NET client code. This will only work if the .NET studio is installed. now you can work in the .NET environment to reuse the natural subprograms a .net classes.

I hope this helps, but still I advice a small education or coaching scenatio. You will be quicker effective.