running natural under vm/vse


We are using vsam files in order to import/export data to/from other open systems.
Of course, at the end/at start we use vm files (import/export).
Now, in order to install new vm, we want to stop using vsam files.
We have installed tcp/ip under vse, entire x & Mq series.
Do you have some ideas, how to make the change?
How to use the products that are already installed?
Can I use ftp using entire x in order to read the files fron natural under vse?


I’m not following the scenario you are describing. VSAM files are usually mainframe files - are you importing some flat file data and loading it into the VSAM files?

You can use EntireX to transfer data to or from Natural. It can be used somewhat like FTP to move blobs of data around, although it is more typical to provide a “service” (application code providing business logic) that is invoked.

If you explain a bit more about the source of your data and the target, we can probably give more specific advice.


You follow excatly what I mean.

Yes, import & export.
How to use Entire X as using FTP?

We need to build one, to deal with all the import/export flat files.
I hope you can give us some advise.


write Natural subprogram(s) that accepts a line or array of data and writes the data to your target file (VSAM, Adabas, flat files, what ever) or returns line or lines of data from the target file. Use the EntireX Designer to extract the IDL from the Natural subprogram(s) and generate wrappers in whatever client tool you want to use - Java, XML, .Net, etc - and call that wrapper from your client tool(s).

See the webMethods EntireX documentation for discussion of the RPC Wrappers.


I did not fully understand.
I will start reading more about using EntireX, and then I will be back with my questions.