Read a sequantial file under vse


We are running Ada/Nat under Ibm z/vm with vse.
We need to replace our old receiving file system that uses vsam in order to read the file in batch under vse.
Is there a way to imort the file from the open env (using ftp or etc), that I could read it in Nat under vse?
Is it possible to load it into Adabad file and then read it a file?

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There is no way of importing data via FTP into Adabas, you would have to resort
to the Adabas SOA Gateway (or the Adabas SQL Gateway) to push data from an
OpenSystems environment to the mainframe into the database directly.

But yes, the z/VSE FTP stacks allow for FTPing to sequential files.


Can EnitreX do it?

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Well, you can at least set up a RPC Server on the OpenSystems side and
“read” the data directly instead of transferring it to VSE first.