ADABAS Database Connection (in MF) from DataStage


I would like to know if there is any specific ways to connect to ADABAS from IBM datastage 11.x. Is there an ODBC or JDBC driver that allows a Stage to access ADABAS directly? Is there any driver for this purpose?
Currently we are creating local file(.txt) of ADABAS tables and copying them over to share location to read from IBM datastage. Now we need to copy the data on daily basis(delta only), we are looking ways to connect directly from datastage to pull the data.

Any help or direction would be helpful.

Adabas SQL Gateway can provide JDBC/ODBC access to Adabas data directly.

Another option might be Adabas Event Replication, which can provide near real-time replication of Adabas data to RDBMS and other data stores. When an update is committed in Adabas, it is sent to the replication target, which can populate SQL type databases.