Entire Net-Work Compatibility

Please could you advise if we could use the Entire Net-Work to Replicate(copy) Data from ADABAS to other Databases (like ORACLE or SQL). Currently we use it for Replicate (copy) Data from ADABAS of one Mainframe to another Mainframe ADABAS.

We are planning from Mainframe to other Technology, so we are not sure if we could retain the
Entire Net-Work to Replicate (copy) Data from ADABAS of Mainframe systems to Open Technology supporting other Databases (SQL or ORACLE). (In-case if we cannot use the existing Entire Net-Work, kindly could you suggest other products to deploy the same function while migrating to other technology and database).

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you !!!

For ADABAS Mainframe to OpenSystems SQL replication you would need Event Replicator for ADABAS

Entire NETWORK is for remote DATA access. So if you want to retrieve from ADABAS from remote (e.g. PC) it works but there is no replication builtin.

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