Send Natural report output to a Web server

We have a need to send report output generated via a Natural program (z/OS) to a web server where it can be stored in a SQL table for dynamic access.
We would like to be able to do this with a minimum of program changes on the Natural side.
I am considering using the XML toolkit to create an XML document and somehow use EntireX to send the XML document to a Java RPC server running on the application server, then use the Java to populate the SQL database.

  1. Will this work and are there limitations on the size of the XML document? - conceivable the reports could be in the hundreds of pages.
  2. I don’t like the number of moving parts involved in the above proposal. Is there a cleaner solution you can suggest? We don’t have any of the SAG PC products other than EntireX.

Could XML mediator help at all?


Could you give some more details about your environment ?
Batch or CICS ?
What do you mean by output (CICS printers, JES output, …) ?
How big is this output ? Typical online printout with maximum number of pages ?

After some discussion and redesign we are going to use broker RPC calls to transfer the data.
We have no need to share the data externally and are going to bypassing the XML part entirely. We will use Java and Hibernate to handle the SQL database manipulation.