from MF to web service


I have this requirement that a batch job (using Natural program) look for a record and when found it needs to sends the data to web service. I was told to do a reverse broker call, but not really understand what entails how to do it. I can make the natural/JCL and we have someone to work on web service, but I am not sure how to set-up or do the transfer from MF to web service. I am new to using broker so I hope you can help me understood what is being requested.

Appreciate your help,

The easiest way probably is to call that web service using Natural’s REQUEST DOCUMENT statement.

Thanks for the response. I am still unclear about it. Can you give me a sample of how to code it or is there a good documents that I can read about this Nat Request Document. Thanks!


there’s an extensive description with examples in the Natural documentation


you can use:

  1. the EntireX IDL Extractor for WSDL and the XML /SOAP RPC server to make the Web service accessible to RPC clients and
  2. the EntireX Natural Wrapper to generate a Natural Client to access the Web service.