lost newbie with 7.1.1 & web services

We have a program written in natural on the m/f.

I am a .NET developer who is being tasked with creating web services to open up m/f functionality. I am sitting here ready to install Communicator.
I just need some sort of example how to do the web services…
Sorry if this is the wrong ng, I’m not quite sure where to go for instructions…

Jason Shohet

Hi Jason,

I would need a bit more information about your environment to give accurate information on how to do this. I will make certain assumptions and give you a general overview of the steps you need to follow to do this.

But before I begin I would like to state my assumptions, so that you know where I’m coming from:
1 ? The mainframe runs z/OS or OS/390.
2 - You are going to expose Natural subprograms. These subprograms will be presented as RPC Services via the EntireX Broker.
3 ? EntireX Broker will reside on the mainframe.
4 ? You are using CICS as the TP monitor and will run the RPC Servers either as asynchronous tasks under CICS, or as BATCH tasks ? most likely choice would be asynchronous tasks under CICS.
5 ? You are using TCP/IP between your development (Windows) environment and the mainframe.

The steps describing how to create a web service is available in the EntireX documentation at the following locations:

C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Docu\devkit\xml\overview.htm
C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Docu\webservi\services.htm

The documentation describes the process in a lot of detail. I will however give you a high level overview of what you need to do.
Step 1 ? Create an IDL file that reflects the parameter data area (PDA) of the natural subprogram.
Step 1a - Assign a name for the Broker id + tcp port number that is used
for the Broker, i.e. (ETB175:5175)
Step 1b - Assign values to the Server Class, Server Name and Service fields. These fields can all be accessed by accessing “properties” under the main menu in the Workbench. Please note that these values should correspond to the values assigned to the Natural RPC Server on the mainframe.
Step 2 ? Create the SOAP mapping between the IDL file and SOAP Request, SOAP Response and SOAP Fault documents.
Step 3 ? Generate a WSDL File
Step 4 ? Generate XML Adapter
Step 5 ? Deploy the XML Adapter under Servlet Engine or Application Server
Step 6 - Optional) Publish Web Service to UDDI Registry.
Step 7 - Start Natural RPC Server on the mainframe
Step 8 - Start Broker Control Center and log on to the Broker to see whether the RPC Server is available.
Step 9 - Test

The EntireX Workbench also provides a new XML Tester Utility that allows you to test your newly created Web Service. This utility will read in a SOAP Request document and post that to the Web Service, which in turn marshal the data and perform a RPC call to the mainframe Natural subprogram. The result will be returned in the form of a SOAP Response document.

You might need some help on how to deploy the XML Adapter. I?m attaching a document that will help you to do that.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions.