scan in batch

Good day, I would like to run a scan in batch mode and get a lsiting from all the libraries, the modules that interface to adabas only, the modules interfacing to db2 only and the modules that interface to both, the modules must be of any type (program, subprogram, etc…)

Is it possible also to see the modules called from the inital subprogram when an RPC runs?

In other words, the first subprogram triggered from the server via entire X and the subsequent modules thereafter if the rpc server is running.

Please advise how to set up additional rpcs and there initiating subprograms.


If you have Predict, you can use it to obtain the lists of files/views and their types (Adabas, DB2, etc).

You can use Active Cross-reference to find the lists of programs that use those files and views. For example, you can find all the objects that reference “DATAVIEW-ADA”, save that list, do another selection on objects that reference “DATAVIEW_DB2” and use the union/intersection options to find the appropriate sets you are looking for.

If you are trying to find the set of objects used by the RPC server, one approach is to create a separate Global Buffer Pool that only the RPC server(s) use. Use SYSBPM to monitor this buffer pool, statistics and contents.

Good day to all, I am very new to setting up RPCs in Natural,
I would like to know from the mainframe side, how to go about this, in other words when I log onto SYSRPC. i have been through some documents but get confused when it comes to creating the stub programs and also need to test the RPCs getting called on development environment and thereafter production.

May I get assitance with the necessary batch jcls that need to be setup, the parameters involved and how to go about this on SYSRPC.

The front end for records is a C# system using entire X, the server name will be provided to me. All i am interested in is the back end mainframe setup.

many thanks

First question: are you calling the C# services from the Natural environment or are the C# programs to call services in Natural?

For C# programs to call Natural services (subprograms), you will need a Natural RPC Server running on the mainframe. To set up a Natural RPC Server, you need to modify some batch Natural JCL. Add a DD statement for CMPRMNIN and include the RPC subparameters you need, such as
where “servicename” is the middle of the service address triplet: RPC/servicename/CALLNAT (an uppercase “servicename” makes life easier on the mainframe)
Once this batch job is started, your C# programs can call it.

You only have to worry about SYSRPC and stub generation if you are calling FROM Natural to other RPC services. If this is the case, start your mainframe Natural session (online or batch) with AUTORPC=ON, which automatically generates the stubs on the fly for you. I don’t generate stubs except for esoteric debugging situations. SYSRPC SM is used to map the CALLNAT ‘subprog’ to the RPC service. Having the IDL used by to generate the .Net (C#) service for the EntireX RPC Server will help in filling out the SYSRPC SM panel.

Anyways…when you post subsequent queries, please use the “Natural Remote Procedure Call (RPC)” forum. Include versions of EntireX and Natural that you are running with as the instructions will vary a bit depending on the versions.

Good day Douglas, Many thanx for your responses thus far, really helpful,