Calling a Natural Program as Web Services from outside world

How a Natural program in z/OS can be called as a Web Service from outside world ?
thanks in advance

Via EntireX :smiley:

Thanks , I know it :slight_smile: But I could find that part in documentation.
What differences will it have in comparing to a Natural RPC Server ?

are you asking about calling a Natural program vs subprogram? Natural RPC Server is used to make Natural subprograms available, using EntireX as the transport medium and client access/wrapper tool.

If you want to make a Natural program available as a web service you need to convert it to a subprogram or use ApplinX to access the data via the terminal interface.

I am not an expert in this area and really haven’t done this for myself but from my limited knowledge of the SAG products, you need to develop a web service using a suitable software development tool such as EnitreX WorkBench where you can transform a NATURAL PDA that is callable via RPC to a web service and then publish the service. There maybe other products such as webMethods and I recently heard about “NaturalOne” (Eclipse Style) that could possibly help developing a web service based on a Natural Subprogram working as a back-end server.

Yes, NaturalONE can be useful when providing Natural subprograms as web services. There is a tutorial under:

The direct link is: 404