Natural RPC server with Natural Security

Hi everyone!!!
I am trying to define a Natural RPC Server under Linux so when I try to start it I receive the NSC screen to log in. I already read the NSC documentation related to NATRPC Server and I just define the Natural RPC Server profile but when I start the Natural RPC server the NSC screen comes on.
What can I do to start the Natural RPC Server?

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Have you specified
in the parameters? Your Natural Security input must come from the STACK - it cannot read the library/uid/pwd from CMSYNIN or CMOBJIN:
STACK=(LOGON SYSRPC,userid,password)

If neither of these help, you might export your NATPARM and upload it to the forum so others can see the whole picture and comment on it.

Good Morning Douglas,
Yes, I did. So in regards of the STACK this is empty. Let me specify the value for the STACK. I will test and keep you informed

Thanks a lot

Hi Douglas and everyone!!!
Attach you will find the NATPARM used by the Natural RPC Server. I already checked it and the SERVER parameter already has the ON value and the STACK parameter already has its specific value.
I really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advanced

Sorry!!! I forgot attach the file
RPC-SRV.txt (11.8 KB)

You have STACK= in the STACK parameter. Instead of
just enter
(Sorry - I forgot this was the Open Systems thread and gave the mainframe syntax!)

Hi Douglas,
Ok let me test. I will notify you…Cheers

Hi Douglas!!!
i already tested it and i think is working, i mean the Natural RPC Server under linux apparently is running so when i try to see it by the SMH i don’t see it. I checked the Broker attribute file and it has specified the EntireX/Natural RPC services.
What do you think i could be check?
Thanks in advanced

PS. I am trying to kill the process started but it is remain running on

Do you have the RPC TRACE set on? It writes its messages to print unit 10 (CMPRT10) - you can direct that output to a file and verify if the RPC server is indeed registered or not. Also check the standard output (CMPRINT) to see if there are any Natural messages there.

Sorry for the delay. Let me check the last recommendation you gave me.
Thks a lot

Hi Douglas,
Finally I could get the trace of the Natural RPC Server under Linux. I’m afraid I’ve got a problem with the ACIVERS parameter. The trace file generated after I tryed to start the Natural RPC Server showed me the following message: REQUESTED ACI VERSION 2 NOT SUPPORTED BY BROKER STUB. I already read the SETTING UP A NATURAL RPC ENVIRONMENT documentation and I changed the ACIVERS to 4 because of the Natural Security but the Natural RPC Server activation failed againg because of the ACIVERS=4.
Attach you will find the trace file. Could you please help me to understand what is going on?.
Best Regards
20071001 NATRPC Server Trace under Linux.doc (28.5 KB)

ACIVERS has nothing to do with Natural Security - it is a requirement for EntireX Security, which I gather you are not using. You supplied the log for ACIVERS=2, so I can’t comment on what might have been reported with ACIVERS=4.

Check your NATPARM parameters again and ensure that the EntireX Broker stub is correctly installed for your operating system. You might want to open a ServLine24 support request for assistance - they will need to see your latest NATPARM and the details of your operating system, Natural and EntireX versions.

Hi Douglas,
I’ve got a god news for you. The things is I finally could start Natural RPC Server under Linux. You were right when you told me that EntireX stub was not installed correctly. I found out in ServLine24 a report related to a problem at starting Natural RPC Server and also I research in Natural RPC Environment documentation. Both of them mentions about the copy of the Natural broker stub and from the directory $EXXDIR/$EXX/VERS/lib to the directory specified with NATEXTLIB variable.
Once I already copy the Natural broker stub above mentioned I start the Natural RPC Server successfully.
Thans a lot for your attention I appreciate it indeed.