Problems with the configuracion of Natural RPC Server

Hi all

I am configuring the environment “Natural” to handle “Natural RPC Server” and “Web Services”,
I did what says in the tutorial
al foot of the letter, the Program RPC remains up some 5 seconds and later falls. All the other steps (APACHE,
subprograma natural, file “xmm”, file “wsdl”), they are ready, alone lack that function the “Natural RPC Server”.
The unique thing that I see different to as shows it in aids of SAG and in the tutorial, is that they utilize
Natural version 6.1.1 for Windows and we have the version 5.1.1.

thanks by its answers

Hi Marco,
My best guess is that it doesn’t “remain up for 5 seconds”, but that it has a tcp/iptimeout after trying to find/resolve/logon the Broker adress.

I suggest you doubblecheck that the RPC-setting are correct

  1. is the address and port of the broker correct ?
  2. is the servername of the RPCserver present in the Broker attributefile ?


Hi Finn, Thank you for your replay

I Think so. The two points, I have revised it and changed several times.

I send him a file .zip, this has the configuration and the attributes of the Broker and the RPC

Thanks (269 KB)

Hola Marcos, seguramente ya resolviste este problema pero igualmente te doy mis observaciones al respecto en relacion al adjunto que enviaste:

  1. en el archivo de atributos se muestra que definiste el broker: ETB005 en el puerto: 1975 y tu ENTIREX/NATURAL RPC services se muestra tu servidor RPC: CLASS = RPC, SERVER = SRV1, SERVICE = CALLNAT
    estos son datos que debes incorporar en el Natural Configuration Utility, de que modo

  2. Abre una seccion de Natural Configuration Utility, en la natparm del RPC: NATRPC -> client/server ->
    RPC (server) -> Server Name : SRV1 y
    Server Node : ETB005

Usualmente yo defino -> Transport Protocol : ACI, TCP


Hi Marcos, surely already you solved this problem but equally I give you my observations in the matter in relation to the enclosure that you sent:

  1. in the file of attributes itappears that you defined the broker: ETB005 in the port: 1975 and your ENTIREX/NATURAL RPC services proves to be your servant RPC: CLASS = RPC, SERVER = SRV1, SERVICE = this(these) CALLNAT is information that you must incorporate in the Natural Configuration Utility, of that way

  2. Opens a section Natural Configuration Utility , in the natparm of the RPC: NATRPC -> client/server -> RPC (server) ->
    Server Name: SRV1 and
    Server Node: ETB005

Usually I define -> Transport Protocol: ACI, TCP