Connecting to Engineer Server via RPC

I am trying to set up an RPC connection from my Client PC to the Engineer Server PC. I have read the Installation documentation and I think I have set up both Client and Server accordingly.

When trying to open an Application in Engineer I get the following error

GENAPP-D 1475 NAT69&1 Connection error on Client, reason 8, NEERPC /NEE255.

Running Engineer 5.4.1, Natural on Windows XP (SP2) for Client and Server.


Could be several reasons, but a NAT6971 Reason code 8 means that it cannot find the server.

On the server, you should have a RPC server running, linked to EntireX.

Perhaps the settings in the client NATPARM do not match the server settings for the RPC server?

Also, sometimes on the client you need to execute SYSRPC and save the settings. It would appear to be not required as you should have told the client NATPARM to go to the server regardless of object required, but sometimes Natural is still looking for this setting.

Check the Natural RPC documentation and cross check the settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Brian,

I didn’t have an RPC Server running on the Server box. I presume the requirements for setting up a RPC Server are in the Natural RPC Doco, so I will have a read and see how I go.

Thanks again.