Natural RPC Server Error - VERSION call to Broker stub failed


As a novice in this area, I suspect my problem is one of ignorance. Apologies in advance.

EntireX and Designer v8.2 (The default ETB001 is up and running. A ping of ETB001 looks successful.)
Natural for Windows 6.3.11
All on a single Windows 7 machine.

I am trying to use the ‘IDL Extractor for Natural’ feature of EntireX Workbench/Designer v8.2. This requires a Natural RPC server. When I start the Natural it fails with:

M *** VERSION call to Broker stub failed
M ETB is not available
MC *** Initialization aborted at 08:28:56

This is such a basic problem that there is hardly any reference to it out in cyberspace.

We have a similar set-up working on a Windows XP machine with EntireX 7.3 and Natural 6.3.5, and I have replicated the Natural Configuration settings and hosts ( ETB001) and services (ETB001 1971/tcp #Entire X) entries.

Clearly I am missing something, but have run out of ideas. I hope you can help.



This usually means the broker library (in the EntireX ‘lib’ folder) is not available to the RPC server.

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Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks so much for your reply.

By ‘not available to the RPC server’ do you mean the Windows folder security? Or an environment variable? Perhaps the folder needs copying somewhere? Is this a Natural Configuration Utility problem?

According to the Natural RPC manual:

‘Providing Access to the EntireX Broker Stub on Windows
The EntireX Broker stub is made available automatically in the course of the EntireX installation.’


Unless it has been changed in the later versions the installation should have placed the exx “drivers” in something similar to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG
and that put that in the “path” as well.


Hi Finn,

That’s it!

I had seen reference to the EntireX Mini Runtime in the manual Post-installation Steps under Windows. Since I had what I thought was the full EntireX Runtime, I passed this by.

After your post I checked the Mini Runtime installation notes and saw that it did exactly what you described. After a quick installation, SRV1 does not crash and I am now able to connect to Natural from EntireX Workbench.

Thanks a million!