Natural Engineer installation problem

I’ve already got Natural for Windows (6.2.3) installed on my Windows 2000 Professional machine at work along with the community edition of ADABAS (5.1.5), both of which appear to be working.

The version of Engineer I’m trying to install is 5.2.1. When I fire off the SETUP.EXE the installer extracts the .MSI code followed by ISScript1050.MSI. At this point a ‘Preparing to install’ box pops up momentarily before a new messages is displayed stating that the install shield wizard was interrupted before Engineer could be completely installed.

There don’t appear to be any clues in my event viewer so does anybody out there have any ideas?

Thanks in advance


That’s a very old version (latest in NEE612) :wink:

There should be a install log. You will find it in the %TEMP% directory. Open up windows explorer and just type %TEMP% in the location. File name will be something like NEE521_MSI_Inst.log

Look in there and it should point out the issue (perhaps you need NAT61 as that would have been the natural version at the time?)

Let me know what you find.

Thanks Brian, you were spot on. The installation log shows that the installer is indeed looking for Nat 6.1.1 files. I’ll get on to the powers that be and see if I can’t get myself some up to date software!

Thanks again,


OK, so I have Engineer installed now and the verification tests against the example application HOSPITAL seems to work ok.

However, now I can’t get a remote connection to the mainframe, Engineer will only let me load data from the locally held example files. I have mapped an environment to our Mainframe from which I can view and edit source code. When I try and run NEESTART though I get an error from NEEINIPC @ line 0360 - NAT1599. The error message lookup in SPoD tells me that I’m missing a work file but I’m not sure which one or where it’s meant to be found.

Any and all help gratefully received. Actually, does anybody have a list of common mistakes made by numpties like me when trying to get to grips with Engineer, could save a lot of messages on here!


You may have a piece of the puzzle missing - such as the mainframe component of NEE? You will not get far without that.

Have you got NEE mainframe installed?

You issue the NEESTART command whilst in the remote mapping environment. This is a special command to Natural which it issues locally (on the PC) regardless of which environment you are in.


Hi Brian,

I’ve had a quick look and we definately have NEE on the mainframe. The NEESTART command works fine when I’m not connected to the mapped environment, it just looks at the locally loaded example applications. As soon as I connect to my mapped mainfrmae environment however I get the NAT1599 problem. Actually, strictly speaking I get a NAT9969 from NEEINIPC which references a NAT1599 in the same module.

I’ve double checked all of my NATENG/NATPARM settings and they all agree with the installation instructions. I’m starting to think it may be time to reinstall SPoD/Engineer. :frowning:


The NAT1599 is trying to read the NTENG.INI on the PC. I suspect that you are not opening Natural on the PC with the PARM=NATENG.

So, open up NEE in normal mode (you say this works OK). Now, from the main menu, chose File->Invoke Natural. This will drop you into Natural. NOW do the mapping to the remote environment. Once connected, then type NEESTART.

If I’m right, this will do the trick.