Natural Community edition Installation issues

Has anyone tried to install Natural CE on Windows 10 lately? I followed the instructions to install the software by clicking setup.exe as an administrator and the installation returned error indicating that installation log was missing. It looks like this script was missing a lot. For example, it does not actually create installation directory C:\Natural-CE as it indicated and the setup did not create the install log file but wanted to write to it and found that it is missing.

If anyone have solution, please let me know as I would like to tryout this programing language before the temp license expires.
NOTE: There is no FORUM for Natural or Adabas on Windows. Does it mean that Natural or Adabas is not for use on Windows? My issue is not only when installing the CE on DVD download the issue happened when I tried to install NaturalONE.

Discussions for Adabas and Natural on the Windows platform are included in Open Systems or LUW (for Linux, Unix, Windows) forums. Adabas and Natural are fully supported under Windows (although, not the Home versions).

I haven’t installed the CE versions for a long time, but that was on a Win10 laptop. Various glitches with the installation have been reported here in the past, but SAG has been good at providing workarounds.

Years ago I heard of a few instances where the software simply would not install. All were using HP laptops. (I have never heard of any issues with HP servers.)

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. My laptop is HP but my OS is Windows 10 professional. This is the first software that refused to install on my laptop. I do not know if it has to do with the Zipfusion installer as it did not create the files it is indicating as missing. The install script error 52 is about a missing installation log. It says if that file exists, it should delete it but it never recreates it but would like to write to it. That is not possible. The installation script is faulty.

  • Re-boot, then retry the installation.
  • Install on another (non-HP) machine.
  • Retry the download.