EntireX Broker Stub Version=

I’ve started the rpc server as a started task in batch on the mainframe,
and the following error is written to the trace. The server remains up but
it uses cpu even though no conversations are started yet.
MC *** Error 954 occurred during initialization

I’m running:
Nat and Nsc 4.1.3
Entire X Broker stub version
Natural RPC 6.1.1
Complete 7.4.3
z/os 1.4

Please assist.


NAT0954 is a “catch all” type error ("Abnormal termination :1: during program execution. "), you will need to start the server with DU=ON or DU=FORCE and investigate the resulting dump.

Can be anything from a missing INCLUDE to an addressing exception or …

Thanks a lot for the reply,
I found out that I actually must use an ip address as a srvnode and it works fine.
Is there anyone who knows how to interact with the server programatically using a program or subprogram?
I’ve genetated the stub(which generated natcltgs) and added the node to the service directory and I can execute server command.
What I really need now is to get going and get the server to do it’s intended tasks.

If anyone can please help, will be much appreciated.