EntireX & conversion


we focusing a problem with transferring data from an Java application to our Host.

If an & in a A32 field occures, EnitireX cuts the Spaces before and after the sign.

Xml: GmbH & Co. KG
Host: GmbH&Co. KG

How do I fix this?


It is now my turn to ask how to resolve this issue.

This time EntireX 7.3

Is it resolved in v8?


Hi Willie, why not open a support ticket?
This will allow staff to dig in to this - if no previous occurence.

You will need to isolate out Java - and show via some trace it happens in EntireX.
To my experience - I did not see EntireX cutting down parameters - so it may be a bug.

To check this with EntireX 8.2.2 you can download fix 13 - latest entirex.jar which gives you all you need - Java run-time to test.
This way you reproduce the problem with supported release.

Shmuel Coller

Hi Shmuel,

Thanks for your reply.

Our next step is to try this with v8.2 and see what the result is. But I was hoping this issue had been noticed before and perhaps resolved. (Surely it must have, if only in later versions?)

What we have is a Natural subprogram exposed as a web service, in production on exx v7.3. It is only recently that a validated field contained &, and with the dropped spaces around it, the data is failing validation.