.NET wrapper and Encoding

Hi all,
I have a problem with encoding/conversion from pc to mf.
Environment is Exx711.60 on Windows 2000 talking to a secure broker on zOS. The server is Natural 316 using RPC 5.11.

The mf is using codepage 420 (Arabic).
The pc app (C#) is using the default 1252 codepage. I am trying to get conversion to work with codepage 1256 (Arabic on Windows).

The code is as follow:

		public bool PrepEnv() {
			try {
				if ( broker == null ) {
					broker = new Broker( 
						szUserID );
				if ( service == null ) {
					service = new Service(
						szLibrary );
					service.CharacterEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding( 1256 );
				return true;
			catch( XException xexp ) {
				throw new BrokerException( xexp.errorCode, xexp.Message );

The generated object is instantiated with the service object described above.
Changing the machine’s locale to 1256 does not work either.

However when I look at the trace file on the Windows machine I still get the codepage as 1252.
The mf gives a 10030038 error message.

The mf broker kernel uses Conversion for this service.

Any ideas please.

  1. v7.2.1 provides addtional support for conversion and code pages that you may want to check out.
  2. open a trouble log with Software AG support for the v711 issue. This looks like an RPC error.

Thanks Douglas.
Upgraded RPC to 5.11 V4 by applying NAT316 and NSC316 PL16.
This solved the translation issue. Since client is Win2k, I also set the env variable
ERX_CODEPAGE=ECS1256. After this the stublog showed the Arabic codepage correctly.