Conversion Problems using Broker

We were trying to convert from ECS1140 Codepage to ECS1148 Codepage, using version 7.1.1 Patch Level 30. Due to no direct link from ECS1140 to ECS1148, I expect to be using Dynamic Binding. The job is successfully but the results are wrong.

I have done a binary compare of EXX.V711.ECSV members TUNI247A & TUNI47C and they are identical, also a binary compare of T47A2UNI & T47C2UNI are identical. The codepage for ECS1146 and ECS1148 should be different with the following hex values being different 4A, 4F, 5A, 5B, 5F, A1, B1, BA, BB, BC.

It may be the case we have an old version of the ECSV dataset. As it is the same dataset as delivered with the initial V7.1.1?


Hi Alun,

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There is a problem with the ECS1148 table, which contains a few incorrect entries. A support request for this issue already exists so you will get an update from your regional support.

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